Webinar: Efficiencies in Hiring Practices

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It’s no secret the employee turnover in the restaurant industry is high, and there’s a consistent need to find and hire the best talent. Learn best practices in restaurant hiring and ways to reduce your risk.

The most recent report from People Report’s Black Box Intelligence states that 53% of reporting companies anticipate an increase in hourly staff turnover, while 93% anticipate an increased need for hourly employees in the second quarter of this year. Exacerbating the problem is that many restaurants frequently rely on inefficient paper-based processes to hire and onboard their staff, often doing so frantically when they find themselves short-handed for a shift and an applicant walks in the front door.  But such practices are always costly, and invariably lead to additional problems ranging from the merely annoying to utterly catastrophic. 

In this webinar, we will daylight:

  • Common legal issues, risks and challenges restaurants face while managing the hiring process.
  • Which agencies may audit your business and what they will be looking for, as well as potential fines and penalty rates.
  • Best practices in restaurant hiring and ways to reduce your risk.