Simplified ingredient lists: A trend at the point of no return

Natural ingredients and minimally processed foods are one of the top five culinary trends for 2015 and 2016. Major brands across segments have responded by simplifying their menus with cleaner, fresher ingredient lists.

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Sponsor: Litehouse Foods

Bridging the Gap: How Restaurant Operators Can Effectively Convey Sustainability to Consumers

In this white paper, sponsored by Truitt Brothers, learn how operators can improve diners' understanding and interest in sustainable food production practices through subtle cues.

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5 Reasons to Franchise a Better Burger Concept

Opportunities to capitalize on continued dining fascination and society's fast pace make burger businesses appealing.

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Responsible Restaurants: How Operators Can Leverage True Sustainability to Their Advantage

Consumers care about the sources and environmental impact of their food. Operators care about the bottom line. In this guide, sponsored by Truitt Brothers Inc., learn how to satisfy both.

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Canning Green Beans - Ecoprofile of Truitt Brothers Process

This study is an assessment of the environmental impacts of canning green beans at the Truitt Brothers Cannery in Salem, Oregon. It is compared to a hypothetical freezing process at the same location.

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Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q EcoView's Green Response

John Michael Bodnar, CFO of Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q, was seeking a fast and efficient solution to his company's ballooning energy bills. Beyond reducing energy consumption and providing a quick return on investment, the solution had to be easy to use and not create an energy management burden for an already busy staff.

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Next Generation Energy Management System Helps Multisite Customer

Next generation energy management system helps multisite customer reduce electricity consumption by up to 20% per location and produces a return on investment in less than six months.

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Tips for Restaurateurs: Creating Value through Sustainability

Sustainability may be the latest buzzword, but implementing its best practices can generate value for an operator and boost a restaurant's bottom line.

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One restaurant chain makes a commitment to sustainable products

Laughing Planet, a quick-service restaurant chain in Oregon, is committed to offering nutritious food made with sustainable ingredients. It turned to Truitt Bros. to develop delicious, Food Alliance-certified black and pinto beans for use in burritos. Customers enjoy both the...

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Webinar: The restaurant sustainability cycle: How responsibility translates to quality

Join two experts in the field as they answer questions for the restaurant industry about sustainability.

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Hyperformance Platform

Hyperformance is a flexible platform of outdoor restaurant technologies that enhance the outdoor display of brand, menu and customer information. Combined with rugged, reliable and stylish pedestals and the compact and agile HyperDrive media player, you’ll be ready to ‘86 those static signs and fire-up Hyperformance.

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2011 FCES: Farm to Fork: Bridging the Sustainability Gap

Consumer interest in sustainability has increased over the past several years; however, a disconnect between the consumer and the menu. In this presentation from the 2011 Fast Casual Executive Summit, the panel looked to bridge the gap between menu items...

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Sponsor: Fast Casual Executive Summit

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Embracing sustainability best practices can be a great way to differentiate your restaurant. Look here for ideas to attract the growing number of consumers who prefer to spend their money with businesses that demonstrate social responsibility.