Choosing the Right Potato Supplier for Fresh-Cut French Fries

Done correctly, few side dishes are better than fresh-cut french fries. Done poorly, they can be a guest turnoff.

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Industry Insights: Spring 2012

In the first quarter of 2012, the economy showed signs of recovery, which translated into improving consumer attitudes and optimistic industry forecasts. However, increasing gas and food prices cast a shadow over the positive news. Pent-up consumer demand exists for...

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Industry Insights: Fall 2012

During the third quarter of 2012, the U.S. labor market showed signs of stagnation. Unemployment decreased, but this was primarily due to people leaving the labor force. Although consumer spending did not seem affected in the first part of the...

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NRA 2012: Trends in fast casual

Jeff Allen, US Foods director of emerging concepts, discusses three trends in fast casual during the 2012 NRA Show. The trends are: supply chain optimization, marketing through social media and QR codes, and food quality and innovation.

Getting an ROI out of true sustainability

Truitt Brothers Inc. examines how operators can fulfill consumer demand for sustainability while focusing on the bottom line.

It's time to feel good!

The latter part of May is always a busy time of year on my calendar. During the waning days of spring, there is a convergence of our Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation charity tennis tournament, the National Restaurant Association trade...

Four options for menu labeling

For weeks I have wanted to write this blog; the one that lets you know options and choices for finally getting menu nutritional information on your menu/from your recipes and where to turn. Certainly, I will miss some of the...

Local: The ins, the outs and the details

We hear the term local tossed around pretty loosely nowadays. While it's popping up on just about everything with a price tag (local business, locally owned, locally operated, locally whatever), there is no place more popular to tout the term local than in food.    And with good reason.

LaVoie: Supply chain trends for 2011

Where technology and logistics are expected to lead the restaurant industry.

NRA: Thrust Electric Bikes steal the focus of Conserve Solutions pavilion

The bikes can offer QSR and fast casual concepts a less expensive delivery option.

Food futures: Buy now, pay later

Locking in food prices can be a losing venture or a saving grace.  

NAFEM, FS/TEC open next week

Co-located manufacturing, technology shows to feature innovations in foodservice industry.

Stretching a supply chain

Connections, menu flexibility are key to how far brands can reach.

How to cut food costs

Save money in the kitchen with these cost-cutting tips.

Prime time for online ordering in fast casual

Tossed and Camille's are among those generating sales via Web-based ordering.

Black Gold

Push your profits by matching your premium food with a premium coffee

2006 restaurant show wraps up

The 2006 National Restaurant Hotel & Motel Show offered big-time speakers and trendsetting technologies. Even if you attended, you probably didn't see everything.   

Must-see events / products at the NRA Show

As you enter the show, aromas of mouthwatering food, sounds of equipment demonstrations and an expansive panorama of colorful exhibits envelop you.

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