10 Tips in Ten Minutes: A Foodservice Guide to Building Profits with Beef

Beef is a cornerstone of the American menu that’s always in demand. And today’s beef gives you more ways to meet that demand than ever.

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BEEF: Cook it slow. Serve it fast. Big ideas for building value.

From braises and stews, to down-home barbecue, slow-cooked beef dishes are booming. Here are the top ten reasons they’re such a perfect fit for all segments of foodservice.

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BEEF: At the Bar

Bar menus are booming. And there’s a simple secret to creating signature bar bites, tapas, snacks and shared appetizers that are both popular and profitable: beef.

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BEEF: Strategies for Value

Value is all about perception. It’s about exceeding customers’ expectations at a price they feel is “worth it.” Beef can help. A few ounces of grilled steak, juicy prime rib, braised short ribs or succulent roast beef add far more than their weight in terms of flavor, luxury, sizzle and crave appeal.

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BEEF: Global Destinations

Year after year, beef remains the #1 protein at the center of the foodservice plate. From steak and prime rib to slow-cooked braises, the beef dining experience is so familiar, so satisfying and so unmistakably American that it’s a perfect point of departure for global flavor exploration.

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BEEF: Light Ideas

Better-for-you menu options are better for your business. And that’s good news for beef. Because lean beef is a nutrient powerhouse and an excellent source of protein, providing about half of the Daily Value* in just one 3-ounce serving.

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BEEF: The New Steak Salad

Salad days are here to stay. Once seen only as sides or starters, these days salads are taking center stage as meals in their own right. Entrée salads are an ideal better-for-you option for health-conscious customers, and a great profit-builder for you—especially when you tap into the flavor, versatility and menu magnetism of steak.

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Sell the Sizzle: State-of-the-Plate Recipes & Ideas with Today's Beef

How do you turn a small plate into a big wow? How do you transform a salad into a sizzling best seller? How do you deliver value, nutrition and satisfaction without compromising flavor? Simple. Beef.

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Sonic Corporation Fries Spam and Shakes IT Burden with Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway™

Though Sonic had implemented a first-generation anti-spam solution, its effectiveness had decreased greatly as new spam techniques evolved and the volume of spam increased. IT staff had had to deal with an increasingly sluggish network and frequent complaints from employees whose inboxes were bombarded with unwanted email.

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To Focus Group, Or Not To Focus Group?

In an age of information databases, network connectivity, interactive media, and the Internet, quick access to consumer information has become the norm. Though neither high tech nor electronic, focus-group research has also become a popular tool for getting consumers’ opinions...

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Survival Of The Fittest

Everywhere business leaders turn, they find nice-sounding, easy-to-swallow, seemingly plausible solutions to their problems.Corporate leaders talk to their peers, copy their competitors, and copy each other, and the theory becomes a managerial fad. Do any of these “canned” theoretical solutions...

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In-Store Closed-Loop Management

In many of today’s retail and restaurant establishments, the need to manage cash is as great as ever. Cash is still the most-preferred means of payment for transactions. In addition, many businesses need to disburse large amounts of cash either...

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