Alondra Hot Wings | On Cue for Restaurants

The Challenge- Alondra Hot Wings shared the same challenges as any busy restaurant: How to efficiently manage the flow of customers through a busy waiting area while seating guests in a timely fashion.

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The Restaurant of the Future: How Technology will Transfrom the Guest Experience

Technology is no longer a novelty in the food service industry. It’s the key to survival and success. According to the recently released National Restaurant Association report “Restaurant Industry 2020: A Snapshot of the Future."

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Consumer Report: Positive Identification of Top QSR Characteristics

Supplementing its recent QSR benchmark study with additional research and analysis, the InMoment Consumer Insights Panel has put together a summary report that identifies trends, drivers, and insights for helping QSR brands understand the top focus areas for satisfying guests, fulfilling brand promises, and seeing sustained success.

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Video: Former NFL star shares how football experience shapes his restaurant business

John Offerdahl, former Miami Dolphins linebacker and owner of Offerdahl’s Café Grill, discusses how the lessons he learned from playing in the NFL helps him run his business.

What is your restaurant's carbon footprint?

Countries and companies across the globe are making climate change high on their agenda.

How to deal with renovations, construction

Before completing any renovations or repairs to the property yourself, it’s vital for restaurateurs to understand that landlords often reserve the right to pre-approve all design and construction to be done by the tenant.

Why you should never listen to your customers

"Sometimes I think the perfect restaurant would say “Mother Nature's Health Food” in big letters on the outside, but inside only serve burgers, cokes and fries."

Will restaurants work to meet new dietary guidelines?

There's a new food sheriff in town in the form of the federal government's new dietary guidelines, but many restaurants aren't going to find it difficult to offer menu items that meet those guidelines.

Video: Execs discuss how to build a foundation for profitable growth

C-level execs from Kudo Corporation, Corner Bakery Café, Giardino Gourmet Salads and Supply Chain Services discuss how to ensure profitable growth, including building an efficient supply chain.

How managing expectations leads to better return-to-work outcomes

Healthy employees are good for business, but the path from injury to resuming work duties is not always as smooth or efficient as your ordering process. Managing expectations can be instrumental in helping you and your injured workers avoid bumps, twists, and turns hindering recovery and return to work.

How fans create a comfortable, more profitable restaurant

Overhead fans are an effective way to distribute both air-conditioned and heated air. Using fans to mix the air creates consistent temperatures throughout the restaurant, eliminating troublesome hot and cold spots.

Video: What fast casuals can learn from Chick-Fil-A

Maureen Donahue, Chick-Fil-A's manager of franchising selection, believes one big reason for the brand's success is that the chain doesn't target a specific customer as it believes Chick-Fil-A is for everyone.

5 ways to get the most out of your supply chain

Having the time and infrastructure to focus on 100 percent of what you purchase could be the difference between a good food product and small savings to a great food product with significant savings.

The changing franchise landscape: Why Incorporation matters more than ever

It is more important than ever for franchisees and franchisors to work together and remain a united front. There are many ways to achieve this, of course, but franchisors facilitating compliance education and support programs for their franchisees, to ensure the health and longevity of their businesses, is one very effective way.

3 changes to PCI mandate that restaurateurs don't understand

Three changes to the PCI DSS mandate have already had dramatic effects on a number of business owners and vendors.

Saying no to digital: Why haven't all restaurateurs embraced new POS systems?

A new study looks at why many restaurants haven't implemented a digital POS system.

Living the brand: How &pizza CEO has inspired customers to wear its logo forever

&pizza is the name of the Washington, D.C.-based pizzeria co-founded by Michael Lastoria and Steve Salis in July 2012. Since then, it's expanded to 13 locations in the D.C. area and spreading its four core values — celebrate oneness, make it personal, keep it fresh and elevate everything — as it goes.

10 fresh restaurant marketing ideas for 2016

Today there are marketing techniques that won't break the bank and will help you save time. Use these restaurant marketing ideas to take your business to the next level in 2016.

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