As a part of a rebranding effort, Qdoba wanted to explore how to revitalize the in-restaurant music program and use it as a more prominent extension of the brand.

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Music Licensing 101

What is an ASCAP license? Is it different than a BMI music license? Do I need both? What are my risks? Relax. Mood handles all required business music licensing through thousands of relationships with critical industry players, including labels, performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and publishers.

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Mood+JJ's Red Hots

JJ’s founding partners engaged Mood to design a wholly unique music experience that would further distinguish the original concept by highlighting the distinctive music, cultural legacies and iconic roots that contributed significantly to the character of the brand.

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Five FAQs About Music Licensing for Restaurants

Adding tunes has numerous upsides, but if licensed improperly — or not at all, legal danger awaits.

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What Can Fast Casual Restaurants Learn From a Barbershop?

With music becoming an integral part of the brand and the dining experience for many concepts, Floyd’s 99 branding practices are applicable to the foodservice industry.

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Which Wich Spices Up Its Restaurants with Custom Music Offerings

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches used Custom Channels music to match its clientele and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

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The Importance of Music in Fast Casual Concepts

Music is the key ingredient to your restaurant’s atmosphere – it’s a big part of the interior design. But how much thought is really given to what’s coming out of the speakers? How is it enhancing (or detracting from) the...

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Custom Channels In-Store Music Guide

Whether you’re just opening the place, switching from the corporate muzak provider, or tired of using your iPod, we’re here to help you improve the sound of your business and “go beyond background music.”

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How Background Music Can Enhance a Restaurant Brand

Thoughtful restaurant music selection can significantly enhance the customer experience, reinforce brand image and increase sales.

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10 Tips for Evaluating Music in Your Restaurant

Many restaurants overlook a very important detail of operating a restaurant - music. A restaurant's image is conveyed to its guests through sound, as well as the look. Here are 10 tips to help you evaluate the music in your restaurant.

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HR Practices

Find, hire and retain the best employees you'll ever have.

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Enhance Your Brand With Sound Marketing

Custom Channels is a new kind of digital music service designed specifically for the unique needs of today's music conscious brands. We combine decades of professional broadcast programming, marketing and audience development experience with the latest real-time digital delivery technologies.

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