As a part of a rebranding effort, Qdoba wanted to explore how to revitalize the in-restaurant music program and use it as a more prominent extension of the brand.

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Music Licensing 101

What is an ASCAP license? Is it different than a BMI music license? Do I need both? What are my risks? Relax. Mood handles all required business music licensing through thousands of relationships with critical industry players, including labels, performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and publishers.

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Mood+JJ's Red Hots

JJ’s founding partners engaged Mood to design a wholly unique music experience that would further distinguish the original concept by highlighting the distinctive music, cultural legacies and iconic roots that contributed significantly to the character of the brand.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Mood Media

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The beat goes on: Music can make or break customer experience

Diverse playlists, volume key factors in guests' intent to return to a restaurant.

Restaurants look to play a new song

As dining options increase, yesterday's music model is undergoing a revolution of sight and sound.

NRA to showcase top industry trends

Building, kitchen design and more create exhibit hall of more than 2,100 booths.

FS/Tec, NAFEM to hold co-located event

Foodservice technology and equipment come together Oct. 10-13 in Atlanta.

Green trends take root at Mid-Atlantic Expo

Energy efficiency, green products highlight of show.

Restaurants tune in, turn up

Operators keep their ears open to brand reinforcement.

Fast casuals go decaf on music kiosks

A casualty of the iPod revolution, download stations are fighting for their right to party.

2006 restaurant show wraps up

The 2006 National Restaurant Hotel & Motel Show offered big-time speakers and trendsetting technologies. Even if you attended, you probably didn't see everything.   

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