What do restaurant operators need to know about Ebola?


Ebola has grabbed the headlines, but operators need to be prepared for more mundane risks, like influenza and norovirus.


The impact of employee behaviors and habits on food safety

Kevin Roberts is an expert in food safety research and training and focuses specifically on overcoming employee barriers to food safety implementation in the commercial foodservice setting.

Allergen awareness: Why American brands should be watching the EU

The focus on establishments that serve food items will become more prevalent as the number of people born with allergens continues to increase.

6 steps to promote staff, customer allergen awareness

Have a disclaimer up in your restaurant that lets customers know the efforts made to accommodate diners with special dietary needs.

Navigating the new food codes: Part 1

Operators need to know the 8 major allergens and the best practices surrounding the use of separate containers and preparation methods designed to prevent cross-contact.

Why gluten-free is here to stay

Gluten-free menu items have increased by 200 percent since 2010.

Fast food, fast crimes: Securing your restaurant

A security expert gives four tips on how restaurant owners can protect their businesses.

Wrong food temps: What's the worst that could happen?

Restaurants can avoid serving undercooked meat by using a digital monitoring system.

Is your restaurant fireproof?

Follow these steps to protect your business from a fire.

Yelp taking health inspections mainstream

While restaurant operators continue to maintain food safety practices, health inspection records are finding their way onto very public domains.

Asian Box CEO: Gluten-free zone leading to brand's growth

The 1-year-old concept is gearing up for growth.

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Insureon launches microsite for small foodservice businesses

The educational site is designed to help caterers, food trucks and other operators manage risk exposure.

SCS Global Services and SafetyChain Software partner for training and automation

SCS Global Services has partnered with SafetyChain Software to provide services for training, certification to third-party food safety schemes, and food safety and quality assurance automation.

NRA releases safe food handling training guide for food banks

The National Restaurant Association has released "ServSafe Food Handler Guide for Food Banking," its food-handling training guide for Feeding America's broad network of food bank employees, agency staff and volunteers.

National Food Safety Month marks 20 years

As part of its strong commitment to food safety, the National Restaurant Association announced this year's National Food Safety Month (NFSM) will mark its 20-year anniversary by featuring the top 20 food safety tips from the past 20 years.

Woman injured by lye-laced sweet tea at Utah Dickey's

A 67-year-old Utah woman suffered severe burns to her mouth and throat after drinking sweet tea laced with lye at a Dickey's Barbecue Pit in Utah.

RMD Technologies teams with Verizon for new 'smart' temperature monitoring technology

RMD Technologies, LCC recently launched the D-Mometer and TAM Network, a "machine-to-machine" (M2M) solution that provides businesses and consumers real-time information on the time and temperature exposure of meats, produce and other perishable items.

ChefTec adds Lot Tracking to ChefTec xt3

Culinary Software Services announced the availability of Lot Tracking as an add-on feature in the recently released ChefTec xt3. "The ChefTec Lot Tracking Module allows the operators to quickly establish the source and movement of the affected food items and...

AllergyEats conference planned for October in NYC

The 2014 AllergyEats Food Allergy Conference is set for Oct. 21 beginning at 8 a.m.

Flies twice as filthy as cockroaches, yet customers don't perceive threat

Restaurant patrons underestimate the health threats flies present, according to a new survey released by Orkin. Of the survey respondents, 61 percent would continue eating their meal after a fly touched and contaminated it, while just 3 percent of survey...

Comprehensive Food Safety and Arnold Flakowitz Associates merge

Comprehensive Food Safety, a division of RK Environmental Services, announced today that it will merge with Arnold Flakowitz Associates. CFS and AFA provide consulting, auditing and training to food processors and distributors. "We will serve each client with integrity and the commitment to help obtain their goals quickly and efficiently.

California repeals requirement for glove use by restaurant workers

California lawmakers repealed a regulation requiring restaurant employees to use gloves or utensils to handle food going directly to diners, according to the Fresno Bee. The regulation would have gone into effect on July 1. The regulation was similar to...

DiningGrades launches website to report restaurant food poisoning

Restaurant patrons can now report a suspected restaurant food poisoning event on DiningGrades.com and provide information to restaurant management, health departments and diners. DiningGrades.com has developed the free solution that includes the following features: After selecting the restaurant, the user...

Culinary Software Services releases new version of ChefTec software

Culinary Software Services recently announced the release of ChefTec xt3 software. New features include additional functions, improved performance and updated user interface. According to a news release, the updated software has the ability to identify gluten-free recipes.

Kitchen Brains intros cloud-based food safety app

Kitchen Brains has announced the release of SCK Food Safety Manager, a cloud-based application for foodservice operators. According to a news release, the SCK Food Safety Manager aggregates data from static and handheld sensors along with data-collection devices to ensure...

Mellow Mushroom, Uno Chicago among most allergy-friendly chains

AllergyEats today released its 2014 list of Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains nationwide, which included Uno Chicago Grill and, new this year, Mellow Mushroom. According to a news release, the chains were selected because they rank the highest on AllergyEats' website...

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Consumer awareness of food safety is growing as government regulations tighten. Restaurant operators must also stay aware of food safety issues and provide training to employees. Check out this research center for the latest news and best practices.