2011 FCES: Community Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Effective marketing campaigns are a huge catalyst for driving sales growth. But what determining what works isn’t always an easy equation. In this session from the 2011 Fast Casual Executive Summit, attendees discovered how GM’s and franchisees are effectively using...

Type: Presentation

Sponsor: Fast Casual Executive Summit

Blinds To Go Ensures Uptime for Retail Transactions with CradlePoint Network Solution

Cradlepoint devices provide wireless backup of wired Internet connections for retail superstores in the Blinds To Go system.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Cradlepoint

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The hidden benefit of SMS text marketing messages

Erin Levzow, Director of Digital and E-commerce at Wingstop, points out a key benefit of SMS promotions that you may have overlooked.

Is social media part of your marketing mix?

We all know that our friends and families influence us if they give us a recommendation…or a ‘stay away!’ …for a vendor or business. And those recommendations have proliferated in the social media sphere through sites like facebook and Yelp....

Want to Facebook? What are you waiting for

Ninety five percent. That’s right, 95% of all consumers are on Facebook, according to our latest research findings across both North America and the UK. We asked more than 12,000 consumers from all age and income groups to tell us about their social media usage last month.

Culinary Tide's 2012 top trends

Culinary Tides, Inc. released the report: "Top 10 Trends Analysis - Shifting Sands 2012: A cross analysis of predictions across Government, Technology, Health, Consumer, Travel, Beverage, and Food & Flavor trends," hitting the food industry in 2012 and beyond.

Social media: A necessary evil?

Market Force just completed a consumer study of social media usage. Not surprisingly, every year we've looked at usage we've seen the numbers going up.

Never stop learning

The art of story telling should be considered as a fundamental part or your formula for ensuring key lessons are retained within the culture of your business.

Courting new trials

Let’s talk for a minute about new trial. No, not the court kind, but the kind that every restaurant wants … new consumers trying out your restaurant for the first time.

I could not have said it better myself

Put a bunch of fast casual restaurateurs in a room together and before long it is likely that a discussion will break out on what sets us apart from our fast food competitors. Such conversations are laced with the passion...

Five ways to integrate your multichannel marketing

While the message should remain consistent, what works on television or in a circular likely won't work on mobile or at the store.

Pizza Executive Summit: Growing your business with the 'Power of One'

Restaurants hoping to succeed in today's economic times must know who they are, what they are and where they are going, according to Kathleen Wood, a consultant who presented her "Power of One" strategy this week at the Pizza Executive...

Webinar: Pinpointing the metrics that matter in growing sales

Market Force-sponsored event highlights key factor in McDonald's dramatic turnaround.

PRSC: Using social media as recruitment, brand messaging tool

Mary Ellen Slayter, senior editor of SmartBrief, led a panel discussion titled "Taking the Social Media Leap" at People Report's Summer Camp Workforce Symposium in Dallas last week. Panelists talked about their experiences with intranets, social media policy and viral...

Decoded: the National Menu Labeling Law

By Lara Baldwin By now you have probably read headline after headline announcing the FDA’s release of proposed guidelines for calorie labeling in restaurants and vending machines. But what does it all mean? The document itself is 138 pages, but all you want are answers to some very standard questions.

Balancing act: How to create a harmonious franchise system

When franchisees and franchisors communicate clearly disagreements can become meaningful.

Procedure relevancy - the army way

In our training classes, we often discuss customer service. It is ALWAYS about listening to the customer and then delivering more than they expect.

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