More than just a way to change menus and items, mynextep is the robust control center for Foundation6™, taking scalability and restaurant management to the next level. With mynextep, operators have total control of all components, menus and items across every location from a single interface. Changes are made globally and instantly, greatly reducing costs and ensuring menu and pricing consistency.

With optional modules available to meet the needs of your concept, mynextep becomes a single-point restaurant management tool. Labor, inventory and sales reporting can be performed for one location or all locations, all from the same portal.

Features include:

  • Real time dashboard shows sales performance
  • Easy to use menu and item management
  • Labor management with drag and drop menus for easy scheduling
  • Inventory management tracks depletion and shrinkage
  • Robust reporting across one location or all
  Products and Services
  • Cloud Based Point of Sale

    Cloud Based Point of Sale

    Simple, fast and reliable, our Cloud Based Point of Sale (POS) features an intuitive interface for your employees with the robust capabilities of an enterprise scalable POS to manage your concept.

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  • Self Order Kiosks

    Self Order Kiosks

    As the industry leader in self order solutions, NEXTEP SYSTEMS provides Self Order Kiosks tailored to your brand.

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  • Drive Thru Kiosks

    Drive Thru Kiosks

    The World's Fastest Drive Thru™ allows guests to order in seconds while saving labor, driving sales and increasing guest satisfaction at the drive thru.

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  • Dynamic Menu Displays™

    Dynamic Menu Displays™

    Market to your guests instead of simply showing them your menu. Our Dynamic Menu Displays™ deliver rich media, increasing sales of high margin items with menus branded to your concept.

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  • Mobile & Online Ordering

    Mobile & Online Ordering

    Reach your customers from anywhere: at home, in the office, or on the go. NEXTEP SYSTEMS' mobile & online ordering increases the visibility of your concept while driving revenue.

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  • Order Management

    Order Management

    Developed for high-volume concepts, NEXTEP OMS delivers statistics, gives on-the-spot reporting, and identifies potential bottlenecks - much more than any other kitchen management system available.

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