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FiveStars helps local businesses build digital connections with their real-world customers, resulting in increased engagement and ultimately more business. It’s the only universal loyalty program that’s integrated with merchants’ Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, enabling them to easily sign up new members and track spending.

Finally have a loyalty program that all of your customers will use! We created a network of customized loyalty programs that is extremely simple for busy merchants to use, yet powerful enough to outclass anything even a Fortune 500 has to offer. FiveStars is an incredibly simple loyalty solution that takes care of everything.

Once you join the FiveStars network, we build a customized loyalty program that is optimized for your business. You maintain full control. Signup all your customers right from your POS in seconds. We do all the heavy lifting for you: collect the data, provide clear analytics, and give you great ways to stay in touch with your customers via targeted messages. Best of all, our network comes with hundreds of thousands of users that are eager to discover and use their card at your store! Our goal is to generate and maintain buzz around your business to keep your customers coming back again and again and again...

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  • Loyalty Automation Platform

    Loyalty Automation Platform

    FiveStars gives you everything you need to acquire, grow, and retain your customer base. Schedule a free loyalty consultation, and we'll help you grow your business.

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