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Redecorating with loss prevention"I'd like you to paint this room," she said to the painter. "OK, let me ask you a few questions," he replied. "Before you ask questions, let me tell you what I want to do. I want these two walls painted, but we're letting the other two go for …
The National Food Service Security Council (NFSSC) recently completed its 33rd Annual Conference, held at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore. The gathering included more than 250 individuals and more than 65 vendors aimed at keeping restaurant …
Could be deadly, but essential for restaurant operationsIt's a gas consumed by millions every day. Plants need it for survival. In fact we exhale it with every breath we take. Virtually every restaurant uses Carbon Dioxide (CO(2)) in bulk form to put the fizz in soft drinks. It's used as an important …
Would YOU resist a robber?The young manager knelt in front of the safe, a thousand thoughts cluttering his head. His fingers were nearly frozen with fear as he fumbled with the combination. His heartbeat was pounding in his ears. A few thoughts came into focus; "please just …
If glove use is going to be effective, several factors should be considered when designing a disposable glove program. Size is vitally important to ensure the safety of the employee, as well as the safety of the food. Gloves that are too large can …
There is a general agreement that hand sanitation is a problem, but how that problem is best addressed is not always clear. The arguments to wear gloves and to not wear gloves are both persuasive. However, no one solution seems to be the answer, and …
Personal safety tips for the holidays D.B. "Libby" Libhart has more than 30 years of experience in the loss prevention industry. He has provided security and safety leadership in retail settings and quick-service restaurants, including for Yum! Brands. These tips are good to follow …
Protecting employees from workplace violenceIn Panama City, Fla., a man called a local restaurant and threatened "to drive my truck through the building and kill everyone," following a domestic dispute with his wife who was employed there. He made good on his promise smashing through the …
5 common mistakes made with safesWe work hard in the restaurant business to provide our customers the food they desire. With efficient operations, we have enough inventory to convert raw products into meals that customers pay for usually at a register. However, it's what happens …
WestEx was a hot gluten-free mess of new products everywhere you turned. Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Annual State Restaurant Expo here in Colorado. In Denver it is considered by most, the largest restaurant show each year packing …
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