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Ninety five percent. That's right, 95% of all consumers are on Facebook, according to our latest research findings across both North America and the UK. We asked more than 12,000 consumers from all age and income groups to tell us about their social …
Culinary Tides, Inc. released the report: "Top 10 Trends Analysis - Shifting Sands 2012: A cross analysis of predictions across Government, Technology, Health, Consumer, Travel, Beverage, and Food & Flavor trends," hitting the food industry in …
Market Force just completed a consumer study of social media usage. Not surprisingly, every year we've looked at usage we've seen the numbers going up. About half say they 'like' to use social media. Fifteen percent say they LOVE it. But 7% think it'…
2012 marks my 38th uninterrupted year in the restaurant business. I feel very fortunate to have spent my entire working life in this industry, and each and every day along the line, I learn a little bit more than I did the day before. Continuous …
Let's talk for a minute about new trial. No, not the court kind, but the kind that every restaurant wants … new consumers trying out your restaurant for the first time. They might have stepped through your door because of your marketing, or …
Put a bunch of fast casual restaurateurs in a room together and before long it is likely that a discussion will break out on what sets us apart from our fast food competitors. Such conversations are laced with the passion and enthusiasm we have for …
Procedure relevancy - the army wayIn our training classes, we often discuss customer service. It is ALWAYS about listening to the customer and then delivering more than they expect. Another topic we discuss with our clients is how relevant their rules, policies, and procedures are …
We are living in a time of meta-shift. Pick your favorite historian, economist, futuris, or business sage - if you listen closely they are all telling us the same thing. We are navigating as best we can through unprecedented change that has and will …
With each passing day, social networking becomes further ingrained in our personal and work lives. The benefits of social networking in the workplace can be significant as it brings together distant locations, serves as a cost efficient recruiting …
There are varying opinions as to when the "Great Recession" began. Arguably, the roots extend back to the start of the housing bubble burst in the back half of 2007. But from my perspective, the critical moment in time was mid-to-late February of …
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