Wendy's Japan fancies up the menu with foie gras

Dec. 29, 2011

Now that Wendy's has returned to Japan after a two year hiatus, the chain plans on wooing customers with higher-end options, namely a Foie Gras Rossini Burger priced at about $16, and the Truffle and Porcini Grilled Chicken Sandwich, at almost $12.

The Wall Street Journal describes the Foie Gras Rossini Burger, part of Wendy's Japan Premium Menu, as a "burger topped with a luxurious slab of goose liver."

The Japan restaurants will feature other options created exclusively for the market, such as the Avocado Wasabi hamburger, as well as Wendy's signatures, such as chili and Frostys.

"Our food will be served in a contemporary, inviting atmosphere that we believe will exceed the discerning expectations of Japanese consumers," said Ernie Higa, of Higa Industries, which partnered with Wendy's to create Wendy's Japan LLC.

The company plans approximately 100 Wendy's restaurants to open within the next five years, and perhaps as many as 700 in the long term.

For now, the first Wendy's restaurant is open in Tokyo's Omotesando area, an upscale shopping district featuring several international brand outlets, restaurants, bars and boutique stores.

Higher-priced QSR offerings are nothing new for the Japanese market. Earlier this year, Burger King introduced a Meat Monster Whopper, a derivative of the classic Whopper with an additional 3.3-ounce beef patty, priced just under $10.

Burger King Japan also featured the Pizza Burger, with six burger patties, cheese and marinara sauce served on an almost 10-inch bun and priced at about $10.

Also, McDonald's Japan featured a line of "Big America" burgers inspired by Texas, Idaho, Miami and Manhattan. McDonald's Japan's Big America campaign contributed significantly to the company's record sales for 2010.

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