Snapfinger launches group ordering feature

Nov. 13, 2011

Snapfinger, a provider of remote Web and mobile ordering and pre-payment services for the restaurant industry, has launched a new group ordering feature.

The new component allows consumers to tap into Snapfinger's network of restaurants and quickly order individual meals online for a group dining experience.

"The beauty of this new feature is that it brings convenience, efficiency and cost control to the group ordering process," said Jim Garrett, CEO of Snapfinger. "It not only lightens the burden of the host in organizing a group order, but also empowers each guest to make their own individual selection."

How it works

Whether users access via a desktop computer, mobile phone or other device such as an iPad, the group ordering feature is designed to streamline the process. To place a group order:

  1. The host selects a restaurant from Snapfinger's list;
  2. In the listing, click "group order" and create a name for the order, including date and time information;
  3. Provide price limitations (if desired);
  4. Invite participants to order by adding an email address for each individual;
  5. Press "send," and the feature alerts all guests that they have been invited to supply their menu options;
  6. Guests are prompted to click the link provided to access the restaurant's menu;
  7. Guests then add selected menu items to the "shopping cart," and submit the order by the deadline provided.

The group ordering feature informs the host when individuals have ordered, and gives them the option to remind guests if they have forgotten to place an order. Once all orders are finalized, the host can then press "submit," and the group order is sent directly to the restaurant.

"More and more consumers are depending on local restaurants to offer on-the-go meal options to enjoy at home," said Garrett. "This shift in consumer behavior represents an opportunity for restaurants to grow revenues through the take-out portion of their business, and Snapfinger's new group ordering feature can help drive that growth for restaurants."

Snapfinger serves more than 32,000 restaurant locations in 3,200 cities. It provides exclusive online ordering access to 35 national restaurant brands, including Subway, Outback, California Pizza Kitchen, Bob Evans, Boston Market and Firehouse Subs.

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