Panda Express tests Paw Plate

March 5, 2012

Guests at select Panda Express locations will experience a new way of dining during a market test this month, when the chain replaces its traditional two item plate with the newly designed Paw Plate.

Designed to provide guests with more variety, and to resemble a Panda paw, the Paw Plate has three compartments for entrées and one compartment for sides. It is recyclable, microwavable, dishwasher safe, and offers more variety by letting guests choose three medium-sized entrees instead of the traditional two large ones. The new Paw Plate further reduces waste as it can be used for dine-in and a specially designed lid snaps on for take-out use.

"Asian meals are traditionally eaten family style, where each person can select from a variety of entrees. Panda’s new Paw Plate is meant to give our guests this experience by offering them more entrée choices while they still receive the same quantity of food," said Glenn Lunde, Panda Express chief marketing officer. "The new Paw Plate will give our guests more opportunities to enjoy their favorite Panda dishes or give them room to try new ones, all at the same price. We believe it is a win-win."

The concept test will begin in 56 stores March 7 in Bakersfield and Santa Barbara, Calif., Spokane Wash., Indianapolis, Yakima, Wash., and Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to the new Paw Plate, Panda Express is testing a Panda Bowl that offers two entrées instead of one. This new bowl is another chance for customers to experience more flavors and options and will be available for the same price.

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