I Dream of Falafel holding March Madness contest

Feb. 4, 2013

I Dream of Falafel's getting in the basketball spirit with its March Madness 'Create Your Own Wrap' Bracket.

How it works
Guests choose their favorite ingredients from the I Dream of Falafel menu to create a wrap and submit the recipe to idreamoffalafelchicago@gmail.com or the I Dream of Falafel Facebook page.

Chef Henry Nuguid will pick the top two wrap submissions on March 19 to battle it out, giving I Dream of Falafel customers the chance to vote for their favorite wrap by ordering it in stores or voting on Facebook. I Dream of Falafel will tally the wrap totals and the wrap with the most sales and Facebook votes wins.

NCAA Championship, April 8
The winner will be announced right before the game begins and will receive a $100 I Dream of Falafel gift certificate along with having their winning wrap featured as a special menu item at all four I Dream of Falafel locations the entire month of April.

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