Chipotle testing tofu

Jan. 25, 2013 | by Cherryh Butler

Chipotle is introducing a menu item in hopes of pleasing its vegetarian and vegan guests. "Sofritas," a tofu-based protein, said the chain's marketing consultant, Danielle Winslow, will soon appear on the menu in seven Bay Area units.

Although some have speculated that the menu offering was inspired by the rising cost of beef, Winslow said the price hike had no bearing on the decision to launch tofu, which the chain will price comparably to chicken.

"It's about offering another option for vegetarian and vegan customers, and one that we think is so good it may have crossover appeal as well," she said.

If the test goes well, the chain may consider rolling it out in other markets. For now, however, Chipotle wants to see how it does in the Bay Area test, Winslow said.

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