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'Better chicken' brand flying nationwide

Slim Chickens is on a mission to be a leading chicken concept.

Fast casual driving growth of 'The American Bakery'

Bakeries are stepping up their menu offerings, decor and overall customer experience.

April Fool's: Restaurant brands get in on the fun

Restaurant brands 'launch' clear coffee, a kale shake and an edible pizza box.

WFF 2014: A view from the top

Get a look at what happened at the 2014 WFF's Leadership Conference.

Are your employees lying to you?

Certain verbal cues and body language behaviors can give away liars.

WFF: How to win over your employees

The best way to ensure buy-in from each employee is to communicate with each person based on their personality type.

How Johnny Rockets is selling franchisees on 'fun'

The chain's new CDO chats about how the brand is making a push toward recruiting franchisees.

Going global: Is your brand ready?

Restaurant execs share the dos and don'ts of expanding internationally.

How spending more on training, infrastructure leads to higher profits

The CEOs of Menchie's and Fresh to Order explain how you really must "spend more to make more."

Cobranding Part 2: Will it work for fast casuals?

Three executives discuss how and why cobranding works well for their concepts.

Cobranding Part 1: Will it work for fast casuals?

While developing the right partnership can be tricky, cobranding is a great way to add an additional revenue stream.

Fine-dining chefs getting 'Funky' with fast casual concept

Father-and-son Chefs Bryan and Bradley Ogden step out of their comfort zone to open fast casual chicken concept.

Who will be left standing when fro-yo battle is over?

Fro-yo's segment's growth and appeal are sustainable in the longterm but will lead to maturation in larger markets.

Salsarita's founder launching fast casual Italian concept

Italian cuisine makes sense as a fast casual concept because it looks good, cooks quickly and is great for to-go options.

Why Bruegger's launched a new design, menu

Along with the new physical design, the chain has updated its logo, point-of-purchase materials, to-go packaging and is now in the process of updating the catering packaging.

Truth time: Fast casual leaders answer your questions

CEOs discuss everything from marketing and growth to washable dishes and conumer analytics.

Luxury dessert lounge sips into college

The youth-market concept serves handcrafted fare and drinks inspired by flavors from all over the world.

Are your recipes protected by law?

Restaurants must obtain legal protection of recipes and products in order to claim them as their own.

NRA: Embracing technology, menu trends key in 2014

The industry will employ 13.5 million in 990,000 units, and restaurant job growth will outpace the overall job growth rate.

Trend watch: Potatoes are a center-plate food

Just as the salad once moved from the sidelines to become a star entree, the potato is coming off the bench.

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