You need a skilled, service-driven team who knows their stuff. PeopleMatter LEARN™ is an online learning management system that lets you create content and courses, test employees, and track progress ... so your employees are always at the top of their game and customers are always happy.

New and ongoing employee training

LEARN helps you ramp new-hires quickly and keep current team members fresh. Our restaurant learning management system includes:

  • Train - Our employee training tools make it easy to upload your own company-specific training content, use our pre-loaded restaurant content (including SCORM courses) or integrate with your current training system.
  • Assign - Assign specific tests and courses by role, department or company-wide with our training management system. Then, track progress and view results in one easy-to-use system.
  • Test - Create customized tests and use them to build entire courses with our online employment testing tools. Then, review results by individual departments, locations or company-wide.


  • Mobile - Employees, managers and admins can access training anytime, anywhere, 24/7
  • All-in-one - Manage all of your employee learning processes in one place … and the same place as your schedule maker and hire system
  • Custom content - Tailor training to your restaurant needs, goals and brand. Upload content and create tests that speak to your business
  • Automated - Toss ineffective training manuals, binders and paper tests; today's workforce is online and your training should be, too.
  • Social learning - Make learning fun and engaging by letting team members rate and recommended courses.
  • More revenue - Better-prepared employees deliver better customer service … which leads to higher check averages, repeat business and referrals.

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