A Taste of Oregon (part 2)

Sharing recipes has long been a way to connect with others. Offering information about what we cook and how to cook it lets people know who we are and what we value. At Truitt Brothers, we are proud of our...

A Taste of Oregon

The Oregon in Chicago event, held during the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show, allowed us to showcase top Oregon chefs and local growers to foodservice professionals from across the country. Inside, you’ll find a variety of recipes, created with Oregon ingredients and developed by Oregon chefs.

Cherries you'll cherish

Nothing tastes better than real fruit, and no cherry tastes better than dark sweet cherries from the Pacific Northwest. At Truitt Bros., we take this wonderful fruit and add our nonalcoholic brandy cognac sauce to give you outstanding Cherries Jubilee....

Ingredients to inspire your fall menu

Truitt Bros. makes it easy to add extra delight to the season with a line of clean, responsibly grown ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Our fall products are the perfect start to creating holiday sensations that will keep customers coming...

Truitt Bros. Northwest Sustainability Tour highlights menu

The topic of sustainability has been an elusive one for restaurant operators, who have been inundated in recent years with foodservice buzzwords such as organic, fresh and all-natural. Navigating the world of sustainability and how it applies to the menu...

Truitt Bros. to host Northwest Sustainability Tour

As the largely undefined concept of sustainability continues to mainstream, foodservice professionals are faced with a series of questions: What does sustainability actually mean to my operation? How do I better serve socially and environmentally conscious patrons? How does my...

Canning Green Beans - Ecoprofile of Truitt Brothers Process

This study is an assessment of the environmental impacts of canning green beans at the Truitt Brothers Cannery in Salem, Oregon. It is compared to a hypothetical freezing process at the same location.

Truitt Bros. creates new all-natural vegetarian chili

Truitt Bros. has unveiled its all-natural vegetarian chili, certified sustainable and free of additives and preservatives.

NRA 2010: Truitt Bros.

Peter Truitt, third generation-owner of Truitt Bros., talks with Jennifer Litz about the biggest sources of waste in the restaurant industry. Truitt also discusses his company's upcoming Northwest Sustainability Discovery tour in his home market, Oregon. The tour will focus on socially responsible supply chain practices.

NRA 2010: Farm to fork

Dan Probert with Country Natural Beef and Tom Grebb from Central Bean Company discuss the farm to fork initiative being taken on by restaurant operators and local suppliers. The movement is supported by Truitt Bros., a provider of shelf-stable foods for the restaurant industry.

Optimizing your restaurant ROI through sustainability

This special report demonstrates how a restaurant can take care of business while caring for the environment.

Burgerville adds local pear chutney and more to new items

Burgerville's new crispy chicken sandwich with pear chutney takes a golden fried chicken breast, Tillamook Swiss cheese and Oregon D'Anjou Pear chutney, tops that with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, and sandwiches it in a toasted Kaiser bun. Their new Oregon...

Truitt Bros. steps in to fill pumpkin-shortage void

In the wake of a Libby's canned pumpkin shortage, Truitt Bros. has announced the availability of its pumpkin pie filling for restaurants and foodservice operators.

Burgerville launches new November menu items

In the spirit of the holiday season, and running the entire month of November, Burgerville will be offering guests a selection of items featuring a traditional holiday favorite: cranberries.   Burgerville's new Turkey Burger with Cranberry and Jalapeño Salsa pairs a turkey burger with cranberry salsa, lettuce and tomatoes on a fresh baked bun.

Truitt Bros. features farm-to-table pumpkin pie mix

A lackluster pie pumpkin harvest for two years running has meant a short supply of pumpkin puree and pie filling for a few producers in some parts of the country. Not so for Truitt Bros. Inc.

2009 Fast Casual Summit: Truitt Bros.

Peter Truitt participated in the 2009 Fast Casual Executive Summit session, Sustainability Takes a New Track to the Profit Line. In this video, Truitt briefly dicusses his company's sustainability efforts. Truitt Bros. was one of several Fast Casual Executive Summit sponsors.

Burgerville launches new fall menu items

Burgerville has added several new items to its menu lineup, just in time for fall. The items revolve around the use of Fuji and Jonagold apples.

Truitt Bros. manufacturing plant earns Food Alliance certification

Truitt Bros. Inc., a shelf-stable, custom food manufacturer, has announced that it has received third-party certification for its Oregon-based Special Products processing plant from Food Alliance, a national eco-labeling program that certifies environmentally sound and socially responsible food producers.

Putting pears on the menu

Through the use of a shelf-stable product, operators can expand their ingredient options.

Truitt Bros.' bean products offer menu variety

Dry-soak beans provide a number of recipe applications, from soups and salads to burritos and even pizza. The company offers shelf-stable pouch and canned options to provide fresh-tasting foods plus ease of storage.

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