Live Webinar: There's more to mobile payments than payments: engaging your customers in the age of the new mobile wallet

Date:Tue, Nov 4, 2014 | Time :02:00 PM EST | Duration:1 hour The shift to mobile payments is underway, especially now that Apple is encouraging customers to pull out their smartphones instead of their old leather wallets every time they pay. But the possibilities for brands to capitalize on the mobile wallet revolution extend far beyond payments.

Webinar: Tricky I-9 Trends To Look Out For in 2015

Homeland Security isn’t just targeting the big businesses anymore…even small- to mid-sized businesses are under a watchful eye. Making sure every I-9 is accurately completed and verified can be a daunting task. And any and all mistakes could cost you, big time – in more ways than one.

SAVOR...Chicago Streamlines Convention Cafe with Self-service

Self-order kiosks from NEXTEP SYSTEMS help ensure that visitors to North America's busiest convention center don't have to wait in line.

Webinar - Competing with the Refrigerator: Understanding the Millennial Decline in Dining Out

Insights into Millennials at mealtime. Millennials are choosing to dine out 20 percent less than they did in 2007. Knowledge is power, and the key to turning the tide may lie in understanding how Millennials decide what and where to eat.

The Business Case for Electronic Payroll Distribution

A benefit offering savings for both the employer and employee is rare. Electronic payroll distribution is one of those benefits.

Three Ways Proper Equipment Selection Reduces Kitchen Labor

Using these techniques will minimize expenses and enhance employee capability and workspace environment.

Webinar: How to Use Beacons and Geofencing to Grow Your Restaurant Business

What if you could reach out to a customer walking by your restaurant at lunch time and invite them in to sample your new summer menu item? Beacons can be powerful tools for reaching the customers who are literally right outside your front door, and getting them through your front door.

3 (More) Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Inventory Management

While the direct benefits of using digital signage to help manage inventory are easy to see, a few aren't as readily apparent.

2014 Fast Casual Top 100 Movers & Shakers's ninth annual review of the restaurant segment's Top 100 movers and shakers takes a look at the brands, people, marketing campaigns, menu trends and technologies leading the industry.

Webinar: Branded Restaurant Apps - Integrating Mobile with Traditional Marketing

For many restaurants, having a branded mobile app is fairly new and it is often underutilized or forgotten when planning traditional marketing campaigns. This can cause frustration for customers who expect mobile and online ordering, payment, loyalty programs and promotions to be a fully integrated part of a unified brand experience.

How Mystery Shopping can Supercharge Your Marketing and Training

By dramatically improving product quality and the customer experience, mystery shopping could be called the ultimate brand insurance.

Webinar - Cash in on Hiring Tax Credits: How to get $1,200 back for 1 out of every 5 new hires

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Tax deadlines got you down? This tax season (or September), start getting money back instead of giving it all away.

Choosing the Right Potato Supplier for Fresh-Cut French Fries

Done correctly, few side dishes are better than fresh-cut french fries. Done poorly, they can be a guest turnoff.

Self-Order Kiosks for an Old-World Market

An Italian market and deli serves customers more efficiently with a modern technology solution from NEXTEP SYSTEMS.

Infographic: Fast Casual Social Media Top 10

A look at how the largest fast casual chains in the U.S. stack up on social media.

A Soup-er Restaurant Technology Solution for Zoup!

A growing restaurant chain built on hand-crafted soup taps technology from NEXTEP SYSTEMS to help it manage store operations.

Webinar: How Gamification can increase User Engagement, Loyalty & Conversion

The biggest challenge most companies face with their social media platforms, loyalty programs, mobile apps and websites is low engagement, and low conversion to desired targeted user behavior.

Three Ways Hiring Technology Can Streamline Your Process

One of the hardest parts of owning a business is finding, and keeping, good employees. Incorporating hiring technology can help simplify this process.

Making Restaurant Ice Cleaner, Safer and Better

Diligence and new technology can strengthen operations, potentially boosting revenue and profitability.

Mobile Websites Made Easy: Tips for Restaurant Operators

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the tool of choice to aid in dining decisions. A restaurant without a mobile website can be at a serious competitive disadvantage.

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