• The path toward world domination (Part 1)

    A tip: Hire the right weird person for the job/position you have available and let them be weird.
  • Go with the flow

    A client who recently read a very powerful white paper written by Greg Collins and Cal Popken asked me to explain the term 'Tributary Supply Chain.' So, I shall paint a picture. Imagine, if you will, …
  • Don't be afraid of the big, bad QR code

    I don't see QR Codes fading into the realm of techno-gimmick anytime soon. A recent article in Print Solutions Magazine provides some compelling data that clearly suggests the opposite. The number of …

    As my thumbs typed this urgent text message into my smartphone (PLS CK ASAP) to our creative department, I reveled in the moment as I realized that I was hip with the cool Millennial lingo. Seth …
  • Living the dream

    It was just a day like any other day. It was filled with lots of action, excitement and pressure. The restaurant business is tough, but you love it. Your head hits the pillow and soon you plunge into …
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Jon Sooy
Jon Sooy is VP of Sales and Marketing at Golden Pacific Systems. Dedicated to driving savings with next generation supply chain management solutions, Golden Pacific is revolutionizing the way multi-unit concepts do business.
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