LYFE Kitchen transforming the way the world sees organic

Sept. 25, 2012

This brief comes from Denise Lee Yohn, who is one of the keynote speakers at the 7th Annual Fast Casual Executive Summit.

Wired magazine recently reported on a new restaurant concept that aims "not just to build a radically sustainable, healthy brand of fast food...[but] to transform the way the world produces organic ingredients, doing for responsibly grown meat and veggies what McDonald's did for factory-farmed beef." Who would claim such lofty aspirations? A former president and chief operating officer of the venerable hamburger chain. Here's my briefing on his concept, LYFE Kitchen.

Denise Lee Yohn Denise Lee Yohn has been inspiring and teaching companies how to operationalize their brands to grow their businesses for over 20 years. World-class brands including Sony, Frito-Lay, Burger King, and Nautica have called on Denise, a brand-building expert, speaker, and writer.

Denise will be a keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Fast Casual Executive Summit, Oct. 21-23, in San Diego. Register now.

Topics: Fast Casual Executive Summit , Health & Nutrition , Sustainability

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