EMV 1 year later: Navigating through the process

The U.S. EMV liability shift will "celebrate" its one-year anniversary on Oct. 1, yet roughly 60 percent of U.S. merchants still cannot accept EMV.


Japan + Peru = saucy success at Suviche

Co-owner Aliosha Stern discusses how the brand has combined Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to create a thriving fast casual brand.

Cloud POS vs. digital ordering engine: Everything you need to know

As more restaurant brands develop digital ordering capabilities, restaurant technologists must understand the key differences between a cloud POS and a fully-featured digital ordering engine.

Are your promos being used to commit fraud?

The majority of restaurants have used some type of promotion in order to build revenue, introduce a new product, drive traffic or reward loyal customers. In short, your restaurant business is providing a coupon offer in return for more / specific customer interaction.

Infographic: Why Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte is still scorching the competition

In the week since the return of the PSL, Starbucks even further increased its lead, owning 69 percent of the market.

Texas groups join NRF to sue Labor Department over new overtime rule

A group of Texas chambers of commerce has joined the NRF to file suit on behalf of the "millions of employers and employees" that the groups say the new rules will negatively affect.

How to create a nimble supply chain

Brands must either invest in their own supply chain departments or bring partners in who can support them. Standing pat will only result in increased costs.

RetailMeNot's latest marketing approach is one restaurateurs might want to consider

RetailMeNot is taking an interesting approach to product promotion that restaurateurs might not only find fun to review, but might also consider for themselves. The retail savings and promotion site’s new campaign revolves around a special big data-type of report...

Pokemon GO ... away? Restaurants liable if distracted diners are hurt

By Nicholas Resetar/ Attorney Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the mobile-based augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, has taken the world by storm. This manifests itself daily in oblivious players with their heads glued to...

Self-order kiosks gain fans among restaurants, consumers

The quick service and fast casual restaurant formats may offer their customers different experiences, but both are starting to leverage self-order kiosks to improve customer experience.

What the best-dressed pizzas are wearing now

Almonds, arugula, potatoes and eggs, are just a few of the players in the results of our completely unscientific poll of cool and surprisingly tasty pizza toppings, the first of a two-part series on what's "up" in pizza.

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The right promotional approach can lift coffee, tea profits even higher

There’s a reason so many brands are shining their spotlights on coffee and tea platforms - beverages are the holy grail of profit margin.

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Cloud POS: Trending Now at Fast Casuals & QSRs

POS is the engine of a restaurant. CloudPOS makes that engine more dynamic than ever, giving operators the tools they need to drive sales and loyalty now and in the future.

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Seven signs that it’s time to upgrade your POS hardware

In challenging times, replacing point-of-sale units is hardly appealing. For many hospitality operators, it can seem like an unnecessary expenditure – especially if current units appear to be perfectly functional.

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Five Benefits of Hardware-driven Innovation

Today’s hardware devices do much more than process orders.A new set of criteria exists for hardware: Will it accelerate service? Open new channels? Improve efficiency? Customize orders? Increase loyalty?

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The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems

Everything you need to know about next-generation food and beverage service technologies – and how to select the right ones for your business.

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Brand Breakers Part 3: Most Dangerous Ingredients in Foodservice

The list below reflects 20 of the most dangerous food types and their most commonly associated bacteria or virus types. These foods and ingredients are very diverse, but they have all caused a significant amount of outbreaks over a 16-year period based upon re-cording data from the CDC.

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